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Your kids can be human tornadoes: they run all over the house, jump on the bed, squeal, don’t listen to you, and fling food and other toy objects everywhere. This can leave your house in ruins, but it can also shatter any sort of patience you once had. If the human tornado is a daily occurrence in your household, it’s likely that your kids are facing boredom. Or, maybe the first thing your kids do when they wake up is ask what they get to do today and start whining about being bored. No doubt that this is frustrating, but with a little creativity and maybe even a little probing, there are things you can do to help change that.

Each kid has unique strengths and abilities that need to be nurtured and developed. By helping cultivate each gifting that your kids have, you’re helping them grow into strong, capable adults. By giving your kids new chances to learn, you are giving them the opportunity to thrive. This is priceless and very important to foster. So if your child is showing signs of boredom, consider using tutoring to help overcome boredom – this can help give your child a foundation of invaluable knowledge.

Is your child naturally gifted in a specific area? Maybe your son or daughter is inclined musically and would benefit from music classes, such as singing lessons or violin lessons. If music isn’t your child’s strong point, there are all types of other hobbies that can get your child interested and involved. Writing classes with a one-on-one- tutor are an effective way to encourage your child to put their imagination into words. Maybe a one-on-one tennis lesson or cycling lesson would be a good way to get your naturally energetic, outdoorsy child moving while learning a new craft.

So how do you really tap into and unlock what your child’s true potential is?

  • 1. Talk to them A LOT! Devoting time to your child, without your phone tied to your hand or ear, is an important thing. Everywhere you go, talk to your son or daughter, instigate conversation and try to keep it going instead of shutting it down. Let them share with you what their views are and try to get a glimpse into how their imagination and mind really works. This will give you a real clue into what they are passionate about – even at a young age. Kids as young as three or four years old can already display passions and interests.
  • 2. Embrace their individuality. Your child isn’t going to see things the same way as you see them. Your son or daughter is an individual person, one that is different from you – so embrace that, foster it, and encourage them to be their own creature. This will give them the assurance and confidence to embrace life and learn new things without anxiety or fear.

Most tutors are available year round, so perhaps during summer break, you should consider signing your child up for weekly or bi-weekly lessons – in whatever area they are interested in. Tutors are experienced and willing to pour into your child, helping them appreciate their potential.

The combination of a loving and supportive parent talking to them and encouraging them to grasp onto their originality, and a tutor that can help them acquire the knowledge needed to embrace their strengths, your child’s life is a recipe for success.

Tom Channell works for First Tutors – a leading tutoring agency who provide students with high quality tutors who have experience in their desired field.

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