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Mobile devices are ALL the rage these days.

I just sounded like an old fogey saying that, didn’t I?


Don’t answer that.

Annnyways. Mobile devices. Between the handheld tablets and mobile phones, most families have a LOT of technology at their fingertips. All of those devices are expensive, and easy to break. An acquaintance of mine had his first iPad a few years back and dropped it. Bye bye iPad. He had to purchase a new one. Ouch. He told me that keeping it in a case has been super helpful in protecting his device from scratches and exposure to the elements.

I don’t personally own an iPad, which contributed to my being pretty bummed with the makers of The Snugg contacted me and asked me to review their iPad 4 case. Then! I was inspired. Both of my parents have iPads, yay! I could give the case to one of them and have an actual user contribute feedback on the product. A win for all concerned.

I got the Snugg iPad4 Case Cover and Stand in black leather. Wow are these things ever handy! You put the iPad in and can then set the device up at one of 2 angles. Perfect for ergonomic use if you’re watching videos or reading and want to have it set for easy viewing. Also handy would be having it sit at the lower angle while you typed using a mobile keyboard. How handy would that be in a meeting or conference?

The most important feature of any case, though, is protection for the device. As I mentioned in my old fogey comment at the beginning of this post, the proliferation of mobile devices is just stunning. So many families have them. Translation: so many CHILDREN have them. Children who don’t always have clean hands, aren’t always gentle, and certainly aren’t always graceful (if you know what I mean). Having a Snugg case on the iPad can protect it from a lot of everyday wear and tear.

So what did my mom think of the case? (I gave it to her for a late Mother’s Day gift). Well, it was very attractive and fit the iPad4 perfectly. Both of the stand options worked just fine (we played with it and she showed me a lot of photos from that angle). Also, the magnetic closure means that she doesn’t have to worry about her iPad running when not in use. Simply close the case and the device clicks off.

It’s amazing what they can do with technology these days.

So, overall the Snugg was a win! There was only one difficulty, and this is something that most products come up against with my parents. It was the smell. My parents have extreme allergies to environmental factors like odors. It makes life very difficult, as any new product can make them sick simply from the smell. You know that “new car” smell that everyone loves? Yep. Gives them trouble. Any kind of plastic smell or strong chemical can affect them. New furniture? Has to sit in the garage and air out. There’s formaldehyde used in the manufacturing process and that’s what gets them with furniture or carpet.

The Snugg arrived in plastic packaging, so I immediately opened it and aired it out. There was a bit of a chemical smell but that faded and I took it over to my folks’ house thinking that there would be no problem. Unfortunately, when the iPad got hot, the Snugg started to smell again, so Mom took it off. Bummer.

This is a tiny factor, and one that most people won’t even face, so I don’t count it against the product. I had to report it to you though, because I’m always honest in my reviews.

The good news is, I’m the proud owner of a Snugg. I wonder if Hubby would accept that as justification that I need an iPad? Heh.

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FTC Disclosure: I received a free Snugg in order to do this review. All opinions are my own.