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Anyone with young children knows the value of charts and stickers to help with achieving goals in life.  Kids just love to earn points or stickers towards rewards.  It’s a tremendously effective way to help them learn and maintain new habits.

StarzForKidz.com is a site devoted to goal achievement. When you register, you sign up each child with their own profile. This allows you to make a chart for each one, with individualized goals and point values. You can set whatever you want in the goal area, and there are handy categories to help with organizing goals.

Whether it’s getting chores done or getting along with others, StarzForKidz helps parents and kids learn good habits. And! There is even a point system for parents, which cracked me up. Earn enough points (for signing up, sharing with friends, and using daily) and you can trade them in for rewards like eBooks and coloring pages from the site.


In addition to keeping track of your kids yourself, you can allow other key adults to sign in and add points to a chart. How handy would it be for a teacher to log in and track your kid’s progress for the day? And no stickers or printing papers out! I know that making a new chart once I’d filled the old one was part of what got me stuck back in the day. Dragging the computer down to the printer and getting that done is a two-minute job; still, I often got stuck there. I’d start a chart for a week or two, then the whole idea would die off completely.

Not terribly effective.

If you sign up for StarzForKidz.com, an account is free. This will allow you to add one child to your dashboard, with one customizable chart, all the standard free eBooks and coloring pages, as well as some other goodies.

FTC Disclosure: I received a platinum membership in order to do this review. All opinions are my own.