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Howdy Heroes! Have you gone on vacation this year? After several years of staying close to home, the fam and I actually went on two trips in 2013. Both were terrific. We just got back from the second one 2 days ago. My grandfather was a Lt. Col. in the Air Force. He passed away last fall and was buried with honors at Arlington National Cemetery last week. It was a huge honor to get to go. Huge. While we were in the DC area, we did some sightseeing and visited with family. Overall a great week for everyone.

Earlier this spring I was part of a group of bloggers who were surveyed for a travel planning infographic. It was really neat to see how others’ answers stacked up against my own. So what about you? What kind of planning do you do in advance of a trip?

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Your Family Vacation Planner
Source: Your Family Vacation Planner (Infographic)

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