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Encouraging Heroes. You can be one too.

Howdy, heroes! Childcare organization Children of America is seeking your inspirational tips and advice on how to be the best you can be via an interactive social media campaign.

The campaign was launched nationally last month with the release of an inspirational YouTube video, filmed at Children of America’s branch in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Over the next three months, Children of America will engage parents, teachers, and caregivers on social media including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Vine. Users are encouraged to share their advice on how to be the #bestyoucanbe in all aspects of life, and read the inspirational tips left by others.

The aim of the campaign is to inspire, empower and educate Americans of all ages. “Children of America is a forward thinking childcare facility with a mandate on providing the best possible childcare facilities, education and nutrition to our children,” said Mellissah Smith, the campaign’s Creative Director.

“It was the most amazing experience for us as producers of this marketing campaign to work with children that were so raw in sharing their feelings about how they can be the best they can be at home and at school,” said Ms. Smith.

“Giving mom a hug and doing as they were told were the main things that each of the children felt they could do to ‘be the best that can be.’”

Using the hashtag #bestyoucanbe, children, parents and teachers can jump online today to inspire themselves and others.

You can follow the campaign on:

Twitter: www.twitter.com/coachildcare – hashtags #bestyoucanbe and #coachildcare

Facebook: www.facebook.com/childrenofamerica – Like the page and share your photos, videos and stories

Vine: download the app and create a short video. Don’t forget to add the hashtags #bestyoucanbe and #coachildcare

Instagram: tag your inspirational images with #bestyoucanbe and #coachildcare

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/coachildcare. Re-pin us, share your own pictures and be sure to hashtag!