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Ever heard of seven-time All Star NBA star Tracy McGrady? Well, his wife CleRenda is a parenting expert. Host of the webshow “Parenting to Win,” CleRenda’s parenting advice centers around raising children to be entitlement-free, grounded champions in life.

I checked out a few of her videos on YouTube and really liked them. CleRenda clearly has some solid experience with parenting. The video I’m sharing below is one of her tips on how to get your kids to talk to you about their day. You’ve had the conversation, right?

Parent: “How was your day?”

Kid: “Boring.” (walks away)

Here’s CleRenda’s tip:

One thing that Hubby has been doing with the boys for the past year or so is to ask them, “How was your day at work?” when he gets home. I’ve noticed that they really like him phrasing it that way. It seems to help them feel important.

How do you get your kids to talk about their day?