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When your child starts getting their teeth in, it’s time to start brushing. This isn’t the easiest task at first, but with practice, parents and children are able to figure that out. I remember carefully buying the baby toothpastes; I didn’t want to overdose such small bodies with too much flouride. And ohh, the little brushes! First we used the one that slips over your finger, then on to the tiny kids brushes. So cute. I remember buying extras to let them try for themselves, and then worrying that they’d choke themselves on them.

Great times.

Dentists recommend that the proper dose of toothpaste for small children is pea sized, or 0.25 grams. I will admit that I thought I was pretty good with the toothpaste delivery, but seeing an actual dose from the Elevate system shocked me. I gave them too much! Thankfully, we used flouride-free toothpaste at that time, so at least I didn’t goof that up.

Sometimes I really do wonder how the children survive me.


I do.

Annnnnyhow. This particular mistake is much easier to avoid with the Just Right toothpaste kit. According to my information, kit will provide patients 6 months of toothpaste as well as two brushes with child sized heads and adult sized handles; ideal for parents to teach their children proper oral hygiene habits. The formula has been tested against many common toothpaste brands and found to deliver more fluoride to teeth than leading brands.

Elevate Oral care currently sells these products to consumers through their website at a retail price $11.95 plus shipping. This is about $2 per month for oral hygiene (including brushes). Most parents buy a tube of toothpaste every 1.5-2 months, so this accurate dose is a cost savings for most households.

I’ve been thinking that this would be a super addition to a baby shower gift.

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FTC Disclosure: I was given some Just Right toothpaste in order to test and review this product. All opinions are my own. Because we don’t have littles anymore, I’ll be donating this to someone who can use it.