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Exciting news, Heroes! I get to share a special discount code with you for Mercola. This site is devoted to natural health information and products. Let me point out that health can be a controversial topic. Some folks embrace Western medicine and reject other approaches, while many devoted to natural remedies can get pretty hostile about Western techniques.

In this house, we go for balance. If it’s possible to accomplish a health goal with natural materials, then we use those. Otherwise, Western medicine is what we use.

So! All that to say that if natural is your style, then this coupon may be of interest.

If you go to the Mercola home page, you’ll find a vast archive of health articles and videos on topics from current health events to personal care. There’s even a section on pets.

I was fascinated by the organic baby care products. When the boys were babies, I hadn’t really heard of most of these products. It’s nice to have options nowadays.

If you order at least $50 of product (shipped to a US address), use the coupon code MECAMYEP to get 10% off your entire order. Taxes, shipping, and handling charges calculated separately. This code will not combine with other promo codes.

The code is good from July 15, 2013 until August 15, 2013.

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FTC Disclosure: I received nothing in exchange for writing this post. I have not used Mercola products, so cannot testify to their quality. I like the idea of using more natural products, and appreciate the opportunity to share this discount code with parents. All opinions are my own.