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Teenage drivers are notoriously known for driving with the music too loud and putting the petal to the metal a bit too hard. The first month after a teen gets their license is when the driver is most at risk of getting in an accident. Should an accident occur with a teen driver, it can become a learning experience with effective communication and advice provided from parents.

1. Become Less Distracted While Driving

Most teen drivers who struggle with becoming distracted with the radio, other friends in the car, or by using their phone. Remind them that they should have both hands on the wheel at all times and avoid eating or texting while operating the vehicle. They’re eyes should be consistently searching the area in front of them as they use the vehicle.

2. It’s Going to Be OK

Even if it’s tempting to punish a teen driver who’s been in a motor vehicle accident, they are still scared and shaken up after the incident. It’s just as important to comfort them and relieve them of any stress or fear by providing security. Remind them that insurance will cover the cost and that you’re glad they’re safe.

3. This Could Have Been Avoided

Even as a safe driver, accidents are ultimately still a risk when sharing the road with other motorists who may not be paying attention. Accidents can still be avoided by driving defensively and being aware of your surroundings. Do an overview and practice defensive driving with your teen after the accident, reminding them to look for oncoming cars when crossing through intersections and using caution in bad weather.

4. Keep the Music and the Phone Down

Make it a rule to have your teen drive without music or keep it on low for the first few months following the accident to regroup and stay focused on the road. More importantly, make it a rule that if they want the keys, their cell phone goes in the trunk of the car. Trust them to honor the rule and avoid changing the channel while the vehicle is moving.

5. The Insurance Rate Might Increase

Communicate the effect of getting in an accident and how it can cost you more money with the auto insurance rate increasing. Warn them that it could become unaffordable if they are in another accident, which will ultimately help them to understand the consequences and how driving is a privilege. Discuss how an Accident Attorney in Cartersville is crucial to contact after the accident and what the process will involve to allow them to learn about the experience and become less at risk of an accident in the future.

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