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Are you worried that your kids don’t take their dental hygiene seriously? Has your dentist seen signs of mounting neglect in your child’s mouth? Here’s 5 ways to help your kids improve their brushing habits without resorting to lectures and threats.

1. Set a Timer

Most kids can’t accurately estimate how long two minutes of brushing takes. Don’t leave them flying blind, invest in a timer or clock for the bathroom. Let the kids decide whether they would prefer to flip an egg timer or push the buttons on a digital timer, and then encourage them to use it everyday when they brush.

2. Model Good Brushing Habits

One of the best ways to teach a child a new skill is to model it, to show yourself doing that skill the right way. Model good brushing habits by brushing your teeth with your children everyday. Seeing your actions repeated over and over will cement the habit into your own child’s routines.

3. Show Them What They Missed

You can buy mouthwash and chewable tabs that will turn the leftover plaque and food particles bright colors, and show kids exactly the spots they missed. Invest in a few, and give your kids a visual reminder that brushing is important. Any dentist in Corona should have them available.

4. Make it a Game

Show your kids that brushing can be fun by making a simple game out of it. See who can remove the most food particles while flossing, or who can hold their breath the longest while swishing mouthwash. It may sound gross, but by making this routine fun and entertaining, you cut back on the chance that your kids are neglecting their teeth because they are bored.

5. Keep it Consistent

This is the key that will make the whole routine come together. Whatever changes you make to the routine, keep them consistent and keep your brushing expectations consistent from day to day. Kids feel most secure with routines they know and understand, so if you buy a timer, use it everyday. If you want to model good brushing habits for your kids, brush your teeth with them every evening. That’s the only way to make a positive change in your children’s habits.

Following these 5 tips will help your kids develop healthy brushing habits that will last a lifetime. Start today, and keep your children’s smiles perfect.

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