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All parents think their children are perfect. Aside from his occasional temper tantrum or his tendency to pick his nose when he’s ready for a snack, he’s pretty great. Most kids, no matter how great they are, have a bad habit or two you need to help them break. These might not seem like terrible habits from the beginning, but prolonged exposure could cause a number of health concerns.

Nose Picking
When your little one picks his nose, it’s gross. However, it’s also dirty. The boogers in his nose are filled with germs and bacteria. Additionally, his fingers are covered in the same. Anytime he picks his nose, he is transferring germs to anything he touches. This causes other people to become sick.

Thumb Sucking
It seems so cute in the beginning, when your tiny little baby realizes he can stick his thumb in his mouth and suck on it. However, it’s a terrible habit. Thumb sucking can cause a number of dental problems. Orthodontists in San Antonio recommend you put an end to your child’s thumb sucking before his permanent teeth begin to come in. It is at this point that his sucking can begin to alter the shape of his mouth, which can alter the growth and shape of his teeth.

Nail Biting
It’s pretty common for people to bite their nails, and that doesn’t exclude small children. Nail biting is a dirty, disgusting habit. When you think about all the dirt, germs, and grime you touch every single day, it certainly deters you from wanting to bite your nails. However, think about all the extra dirt and germs your little one touches each day and you will realize this is a bad habit that must be stopped right away.

Much like thumb sucking, a pacifier is a common way you might help your infant soothe himself. While it’s fine when he’s an infant, parents should try to break their children of the pacifier habit as early as possible before it damages your child’s mouth.

Teeth Grinding
Unfortunately, teeth grinding is a habit many kids have when they are sleeping. While it’s not good for the teeth, it’s not an easy habit to break. Dentists and Orthodontists in San Antonio recommend letting your dental professional know if your child grinds his teeth so they can monitor his mouth for issues during his routine visits. As he gets older, the habit is more likely to break itself.

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