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I was contacted recently by Nate Bradshaw, on behalf of the StayMade bedding system for kids. As Nate reminded me, there are several difficulties that parents face with kids’ beds. First, just keeping the bed made. Who among us hasn’t had the “make your bed” conversation? A lot? Secondly, lots of kids are wild sleepers and they frequently kick the sheets and blankets off every night. Captain Earthquake got his nickname for exactly that reason.

Something else we face during and after potty training is night-time accidents. Having to strip everything down to the mattress and then put it all back together in the wee hours of the morning isn’t fun.

With the StayMade system, those problems can be solved and the bedding still looks normal. StayMade is running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the project. Here’s their video showing how everything works.

If you want to support the fundraising campaign, visit the StayMade Kickstarter page. There are only a few days left before it ends.

FTC Disclosure: I was not paid in any way to post this article. I do not have personal experience with StayMade bedding, but believe it could be an amazing solution for countless families. I receive nothing if the company meets their fundraising goal. It does look like a pretty great system though.