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Although attaining a high school diploma can be one of the most significant life experiences that an individual has, many people never experience it as a result of their decision to drop out. Throughout America, teens drop out of high school and pursue lives that are fundamentally divorced from the world of education and the hope it brings. In light of the fact that education brings with it opportunities for intellectual stimulation and socioeconomic advancement, one might wonder why a teenager would choose to drop out. Here are five reasons:

1. Lack of Parental Support.

A study conducted amongst 5,000 students who dropped out of high school showed that 75% of them left because of insufficient parental support. When teenagers do not receive the educational encouragement they need on a consistent basis, the absence of genuine concern and motivation can result in steadily elevating apathy that results in eventually abandoning the enterprise of education altogether.

2. Drug And Alcohol Abuse.

The abuse of drugs and alcohol can play a primary role in a teen dropping out of high school. Several factors could precipitate the dropping out, including the fact that drug use can become primary in the user’s psyche and function as a distraction from more productive and positive activity such as learning and preparing for college. And because of the addictive nature of drugs, individuals who are still interested in attaining their diploma often find themselves unable to ignore or withstand the psychological and physiological pull the drugs have on them. If your child is struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol, consider attaining the services of Nexstep Medical Detox so that she or he can attain the cleansing necessary to begin overcoming the addiction.

3. Teenage Pregnancy.

In previous years, teen pregnancy was the reason for 15% of the high school drop out rate amongst individuals between the ages of 15 and 18. And although these numbers have declined significantly, teenage pregnancy is still a major reason that a student might choose to drop out of high school. The time spent preparing for and having the baby-coupled with the pressure to economically provide for the child-oftentimes renders education a non-priority in the mind of the student.

4. Financial Problems.

Oftentimes, a student will drop out of high school because their parents are poor and need assistance. For this reason, students will choose to attain a job in order to assist their parents. The poverty of parents can arise from a plethora of factors, including but not limited to a parental disability or a parent being fired.

5. Depression and Physical Illnesses.

Depression and physical illnesses can result from numerous things, including heredity, family or financial situations, or an eating disorder. Any of these factors can precipitate prolonged feelings of sadness and disease. Once this happens, a student’s motivation to do something productive and positive-like attain a diploma-can decrease dramatically.


Although the fact that many teens drop out of high school is a bit discouraging, there is hope. A wide variety of after-school programs and community organizations exist to help motivate students at risk of dropping out to attain their diploma. In receiving motivation from either of these sources, teenagers at risk of dropping out often find themselves attaining the resolve and discipline necessary to graduate from high school irrespective of the challenges they encounter.

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