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When you think of fun times with your children, playing catch or reading books might spring to mind. You probably don’t think of brushing teeth. But if you can make this essential hygienic practice pleasurable, it will become easier for your little ones to keep up their brushing for two straight minutes. Two minutes is the length of time the American Dental Association recommends for this activity.

The Right Products

Child-friendly dental items often make brushing more enjoyable. If your children find the colors of their toothbrushes and rinsing cups attractive — or if those items are decked out in images of beloved fictional characters — they might grow fonder of this ritual. Also make sure that your kids like the taste of their toothpaste and that their toothbrushes have soft bristles and comfortable grips.

The Right Environment

It helps if your bathroom is a space that appeals to your kids. To that end, let them bring in a couple of their favorite stuffed animals, dolls, or action figures. Then, as they’re brushing, those toys may sit on the counter and “watch.” You might even allow your dog a seat on the bathroom floor to view the brushing. That way, your children can glance into the mirror occasionally for the reassuring sight of their canine companion. Another idea is to set up a music-playing device to play favorite songs. Finally, wallpaper and shower curtains with bright, visually-arresting patterns are often stimulating for children.

A Little Silliness

You can be playful during brushing sessions if you find it beneficial. You might hum with your kids as they brush or bob your head to music. You could impersonate their favorite cartoon heroes. You could smile into the mirror and, in a series of comical accents, count your teeth and point out any dental implants Charlotte NC dentists have given you. You could even serenade your children. Just be certain that your silliness never interferes with the quality of their brushing. If they laugh too hard, they might not scrub properly.

Making brushing more fun for kids requires some degree of creativity and experimentation. Maybe your kids prefer brushing alone; maybe they find it comforting to brush with siblings. Perhaps a timer set to two minutes helps them focus. Try several different approaches to see what works best. In the end, their teeth and gums will thank you for it. Happy brushing!