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Editor’s note: When I received this article, I was a bit puzzled because I’d not heard of Bell. I am told that these plans are available in the US as well as in Canada (apologies to my overseas readers), which makes it an interesting company to research. Cell phone plans are so often crazy expensive! I do not have personal experience with Bell, but thought this could be a valuable resource for parents looking to get telephones on a budget.

Few people are looking for a cell phone plan for just themselves. Rather, most people are looking for a cell phone that will provide an affordable option for each and every member of their family. For those families that are looking to invest in a quality plan that the whole family will love, here are the top five cell phone plans for the entire family.

5) The Voice Plan –

With a Bell.ca phone, customers can choose virtually any plan and add multiple lines for each member of their family. The basic voice plan is perfect for those families that have simple needs. If neither you nor any of your family members need a data plan or any extra bells and whistles, then this basic and extremely affordable plan is perfect for you.

4) Voice and Data Plans –

Stop searching for “BlackBerry Canada” if you and your family are smartphone addicts who are looking for the best data rates in Canada. With the Bell voice and data plan, your entire family can use their BlackBerries or iPhones as often as they want, without worrying about racking up excessive data charges. From talk to text to web, everything is covered.

3) Tablet Plans –

If you recently bought a tablet for your family to enjoy on the go, then you probably need a great tablet plan to go with it. The Bell tablet plans are the most affordable way to enjoy your iPad or other tablet. If you haven’t bought a tablet yet but are interested in investing in one or two for your family, then buying through Bell is the best way to save money on your dream tablet.

2) Mobile Internet Plans –

If you have kids in college who need to be able to get online no matter where they are, the mobile internet plan is definitely the way to go. This allows you or your kids to access the web on their tablets or laptops no matter where they are.

1) Prepaid Plans –

Do you have a phobia of signing up for contracts? Prepaid phones aren’t just for singles anymore! Rather, entire families are enjoying the freedom and affordability of prepaid cell phones.

No matter which plan you choose, you’ll find that Bell is the perfect way for entire families to enjoy mobile services and save money at the same time.