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Siggy and the Bullies is a new book written by Blanche R. Dudley, Ed.D. and illustrated by Lawrence Reynolds. The story is about Siggy, a mockingbird who was born missing a wing. Siggy was adopted by a very sweet bird family and fits in very well with his sisters Pia and Gia.

Unfortunately, all of the local birds are getting bullied by the Blue Jay Twins. Between the name-calling, chasing, and taunting, the whole neighborhood fears and avoids them.

One day, while out away from the nest, Siggy finds himself in the crosshairs again. What he does to outsmart the twins saves the day, and all of the birds learn a lesson about facing bullies.

They also learn a lesson about telling a trusted adult when there is a problem. It’s so often true that the victim of bullying is convinced that they cannot do anything to stop the behavior. They don’t feel empowered to stand up and say no, or to use other strategies to stop it. They just…endure.

At the end of the story are some discussion pages that parents can use with children to talk about good strategies to stop bullying and what adults should be informed should bullying occur.

This story has sweet and memorable characters, and the vivid color illustrations make it a pleasure to read. There is a promise of more Siggy stories to come in the future, and I for one look forward to them.

The book is available at Blanche’s website, as well as on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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FTC Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book in order to write this review and plan to donate it to an educational group so it can go to more good use. All opinions are my own. It’s a good book.