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I was given the opportunity to play the beta version of The Pryz Manor, a new Android app that lets you earn points (‘Bloons) toward prizes by playing games and answering questions. I have to say, this app is addicting! There are 3 main areas right now, with more in development.

Main Menu
In the Slice of Life game, players are presented with 2 or more options and asked to vote for which item they’d prefer. This screenshot shows a day when three choices were given.

Slice of Life

Once a player votes for the item they would want, the game part kicks in. A pie graph is displayed with a color for each item. So with this picture, you’d see a pie graph with purple, red, and green sections. A slider on the edge of the graph allows the player to predict how all of the other players will vote. If you get close enough to the totals, you earn more ‘Bloons.

SoL Winner

A second game area, called Name Dropper, is my current favorite. It’s a two-player game, but you can play the computer if you like. Choose to play with a person and the system matches you up with an available player (or you can play with a friend. I shall have to insist that Hubby get this app so we can play together). From there, you have ten minutes to play five rounds. In each round, one player gives clues and the other guesses the word. The clue-giver can also offer hints like, “close” or “more words” or “more specific”. There’s also an option to skip a word if it’s really hard.

Name Dropper

Just last week, the game got a new twist when players were allowed to use power-ups which may give the first letter of the word or tell how many letters a word has. Get through all five rounds as quickly and accurately as you can and earn more ‘Bloons toward the prizes.

Name Dropper Winner

Name Dropper is a game that can help keep your mind sharp, given that you’re playing with words and how they associate. Kids would benefit from this game especially because of the way that clues are stacked to help the other player figure out the word. There are multiple meanings of the word represented, allowing for different ways to hint at the answer.

In the third area called the Salon, a simple Question of the Day is posed. You earn 250 ‘Bloons for answering and a daily winner is randomly chosen from all submissions. That prize can be a $30 gift card. Note that by answering the questions you are revealing information about your preferences in life.

As of the writing of this post, prizes include $15 gift cards to Amazon, Target, or WalMart. You can also save up ‘Bloons for a The Pryz Manor T-shirt, which I am considering. You do have to earn quite a few ‘Bloons to trade in for a gift card, so I wouldn’t recommend quitting your day job. However, if there’s eventually a prize for playing a game that’s fun anyway, why not?

The Pryz Manor is available on the Google Play store. This is a free app, and definitely worth checking out. I enjoy it!

FTC Disclosure: I received compensation for writing this review. All opinions are my own. This is a fun app and I recommend it.