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Finding the right community takes a great deal of research and analysis of your particular needs. The Midwest offers a number of advantages with good schools, many shopping venues and a variety of cultural activities. Several cities have been recognized for the many opportunities they provide for their residents.

Sandusky, Ohio

The city of Sandusky, with a population of 25,000, provides a small town atmosphere with the nearby conveniences of Cleveland and Toledo. Your small family will fit right in with the family oriented atmosphere that is abundant in Sandusky. Homes are moderately priced. The high quality of its schools and low unemployment rate of 7.7 percent makes Sandusky a desirable place to consider for your relocation in a financial sense. The waterfront renovation is causing a number of new families to move into this cozy community.

Kansas City, Missouri

With Midwestern warmth, and a variety of amenities and convienences, Kansas City offers its residents employment opportunities, cultural events, and academic advancement for your children. With a moderate cost of living and low home prices, Kansas City provides a good opportunity for those families looking to move to the Midwest.

Madison, Wisconsin

Madison is another college town, with a branch of the University of Wisconsin that offers a wide variety of cultural events and opportunities for its residents. Families will never be bored in this exciting town, but can still feel the cozy atmosphere of a small city. This city is frequently on the list of “best places to retire” for its amenities, low cost of living, and friendly atmosphere. Madison, Wisconsin has affordable homes and a variety of employment opportunities as well.

Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Glen Ellyn, Illinois, just 40 miles west of Chicago, offers residents a picturesque community nestled among the trees. With great schools and many employment opportunities in the nearby city and surrounding communities, Glen Ellyn provides all the necessities for a satisfying, and family-oriented lifestyle. Home prices are in the moderate range and the cost of living is in the middle range.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ann Arbor, Michigan consistently makes the list for one of the most quaint places to live. A college town anchored by the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor provides not only academic opportunities for its residents, but also a wealth of cultural events. Parents can be sure this is a safe place to live, with relatively low crime rates. There are plenty of parks for kids to play in, and won’t be so remote that you will have to live away from name brand stores. If you find a desirable property in the city, have your contract forms ready before someone else snaps it up.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

The downtown glass walkways of Minneapolis are indicative of the city’s resolve to not let their cold winters intervene with their vibrant economy. Home prices are moderate and unemployment is low in the city, which makes it a great place for a new family to start out in. A great American city with an exuberant spirit, Minneapolis is a great place to bring your contract forms for new opportunities. You can be sure that your kids will grow up here with the best education and experience possible.

In all these cities, you will find it easy to make a new life for you and your small family. The Midwest has much to offer by way of cities and small towns. Don’t be afraid to move to a new place, and take time to discover the city that will best suit you and your family’s needs.

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