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When you have the feeling your baby is growing up, you can see the signs. Bigger clothes, shoes, new interests and of course getting ready to take off their own diapers. Potty training is part of growing up, and parents should be prepared for the ups and downs of potty training their children. Below are five potty training tips that can help make the experience better for you and your child.

Don’t Start Too Soon

Even if Sally down the street began toilet training at the age of 2, it does not mean that your child is going to be ready to train at the age of 2. All kids develop at different stages in their life, both physically and mentally, and potty training is both a physical and mental task. Let your child toilet train when they are ready.

Don’t be Negative

Positive reinforcement when potty training goes a lot farther than being negative with your child. If your little one has an accident, don’t berate them and tell them they failed. Use the method of telling them they will do better next time, and when they go the next time, praise them for it. Positive comments and reinforcement can make potty training fun and rewarding.

Don’t Rush Your Child

Almost anyone with children will tell you that you cannot rush it. If you try to rush your child and go faster than they are ready, it will frustrate the both of you, and cause you to feel a lot of anxiety. Let your child lead the progression of the potty training.

Don’t Stress Out

When you get stressed over potty training, your child will too. You don’t want to have your child feeling anxious or negative when it comes to toilet training. Don’t turn your nose up, or say negative things. You never want your child associating potty training with negative experiences. If you want to be successful potty training your child, stay upbeat and calm while going through the process.

Don’t Be Unprepared

You can’t sit in the house with your child until he or she is trained to go to the potty. This is not healthy and unrealistic. You still have to go grocery shopping, to church, out to eat, and to any other special outings. To avoid any accidents while you are out, take the right things to be prepared. Bring a change of clothes, wipes, and a plastic bag for wet clothes. Some people travel with a portable potty while potty training.

Potty training can be unpredictable and challenging. Many parents have found that once their kids discover the potty, they enjoy playing in the potty. Don’t be surprised if you end up having to call a Ritz plumbing company because your child has flushed a toy down the toilet. This is just one of the many challenges of potty training.

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