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It may not be camping season but you’d be surprised how many families still take a camping trip in the autumn or winter. Preparing for your trip takes some time and some planning but it’s certainly worthwhile and you can have a really fantastic time. Check out our top tips for camping with kids and don’t forget any of the essentials.

Test Drive Everything

Before you set off for your trip try out camping in your own backyard or somewhere similar. See how it feels and see how the kids like it – if it’s a complete disaster don’t despair as it may work out for a longer break. You can also troubleshoot any key problems.

Essential Equipment

There are some must-haves which simply must be in your kit; things such as the pump for your air beds and an insulated flask for storing hot water – guaranteeing you multiple cups of tea without even having to leave the comfort of the tent. We also recommend taking your dustpan and brush so you’re not sleeping in all the crumbs and dirt of the day.

Keep Warm

Especially in the cold months it’s essential your keep warm and there are a number of ways you can do this. Make sure you pack fleecy girls and boys pyjamas for the children and also pack them in as many extra layers as you can manage. Duvets and blankets are essential too and you’ll all be feeling pretty cosy pretty quickly.

Cooking Equipment

Taking along a camping stove with sides to protect the flames from the wind is the kind of contraption you need to ensure you can cook whatever the weather. Plastic or paper plates should be standard and non-stick pans are another must have.

Wet Weather Ready

It’s not something any of us want to think about but you’ll be cursing if you’re not prepared. Have your wellies and wet weather gear packed so you can ensure you are ready for the worst situation. Make sure you’ve got books and toys if you’re holed up in the tent for a good few hours.

Organisation System

You need a system to ensure your tent is organised. A messy tent makes it really hard to enjoy and relax throughout your holiday. Plastic boxes with lids to pack your camping gear in will be invaluable and where space is at a premium you need to make the most of it as best you can.

Research your Site

Have a good idea of where you’re going and get a proper understanding of what facilities are on-site. You may want to choose a site where entertainment is offered so the children can be catered for but if you’re looking for somewhere peaceful and quiet then you should probably go for somewhere more traditional. Check out sites for child-friendliness and look out for any hazards.

Your camping trip, whatever the weather, can be extremely fun and memorable. The more you prepare the more fun you’ll be able to have as you won’t need to worry about the little things.

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