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The most common purpose for Remedial Massage is for healing muscle alignments, making it ideal for those with painful or chronic muscle conditions normally caused by sporting injuries. What many people don’t realise is that the benefits of the massage go beyond that and can give comfort for your baby right through to the accident prone teenager, and people of all ages and circumstances.

We look at how the effects of Remedial Massage can benefit the whole family, working wonders for you long after the massage has finished.

Understanding Remedial Massage
As one of the most popular forms of therapy, remedial massage combines a number of techniques to stimulate the blood supply, massage certain trigger points and correct imbalances.

Depending on the issue and personal preferences, it can be gentle, firm, deep or shallow and ultimately addresses the whole body to ease tension, and repair damage to the muscles, joints or tendons.

Pregnancy and Babies
Throughout the later stages of pregnancy, massage is beneficial to expectant mums suffering from lower back pain, headaches and leg pain. Because the health of both the mother and the baby need to be considered, the massage may be more specialised. If the woman has been receiving regular remedial massage, it’s usually acceptable to continue with the treatment early in the pregnancy which is helpful to soften the common muscle spasms and prevent future pain. A professional will always assess the situation case by case if the mother to be is new to the massage as the movement of built up toxins may be risky.

Touch is the first sense to develop in babies from as early as 6 weeks inside their mother’s womb and therefore acts as the most powerful language a baby can immediately understand.  This is why massage is such an important part of their development and can help significantly in reducing stress and encouraging relaxation.

Remedial massage can help normalise a baby’s muscle tone improving blood circulation, relieve discomfort from colic, stimulate brain development and ultimately helps them sleep at night, therefore ensuring parents can sleep better too. Parents can also promote bonding and attachment with their babies by learning tips to give them a basic yet effective message themselves.

Sporting Injuries and After Surgery Rehabilitation
Work-related injuries, sporting impairments or after surgery rehab are the most common causes for needing remedial massage. As the massage manipulates soft tissue and tight muscles, it can be extremely beneficial for accidents involving whiplash, chronic neck and back pain from scoliosis, severe headaches, arthritis, osteoarthritis, tennis elbow and frozen shoulders.

Emotional Wellbeing and Relaxation
Remedial massages are the perfect way to detox and improve your overall wellbeing. Whilst it’s easy to think of a massage as purely a luxury splurge for relaxation purposes, the stress free benefits can significantly reduce depression and anxiety, and help to revitalise a new and improved you.

With the huge range of benefits everyone in the family can cash in on, it’s easy to see why remedial massages are becoming more popular and helping everyday people like you and me.

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