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I got a note last week from the folks at Disney Junior, saying that the site has been completely rebuilt. Aimed at kids ages 2-7, there are now 20 new play-along mobile games and activities available.

Interestingly, the games were designed first to work on tablets, which makes them easier for kids to use. Navigation is more kid-friendly, and content easier to access.

Among other apps, 2 new ones on the site are “Jake’s Never Land Rescue” and “Doc’s Interactive Clinic for Stuffed Animals and Toys”.

In the grand scheme of things, we at Earnest Parenting believe that kids should grow up with limited access to screens and instead spend their time playing outdoors or with toys.

That said, we all have times in life when the kids need to be entertained while sitting still. Apps and games of this nature can definitely fill that need and make life a little easier.

I played the Jake’s Never Land Rescue on my phone. Given that I don’t really like the walk back and forth games, it was still fun. Until I got stuck and had to ask a ten-year-old to rescue me.

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