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When both husband and wife have careers that demand protracted schedules, the children will most likely to suffer, and eventually become detached. While the couple tries to build rapport with those surrounding them at work, they are creating a rift in their relationship with the kids. Therefore, it is essential for working parents to learn how to divide their time between work and family. Having time to bond and do recreational activities as a family is necessary to keep the connection strong and always healthy.

There are so many ways to experience intimate family bonding. A well-planned cookout, a nature park tour or a family-themed movie in the theater are quite exciting. But if time would allow, why not consider a trip to the countryside, enjoy the perennial beauty of Mother Nature or go to a place everyone wants to explore? A long drive with the whole family makes for wonderful memories. This will, however, need careful planning and preparation so you should talk to your family about this.

Of course, you can’t afford to forget the most important things you will need while on the road. But before anything else, make sure that you have preconditioned your car, have checked your gas and air, and related stuff, to ensure a smooth trip. So, for families that would like to embark on a memorable and meaningful long drive, here are few things to remember before hopping into your car for the big trip

  • Goodies – Grimy goodies will ruin the trip, so try something dry. Children would love to have something to chomp while flipping over the landscapes, or during stops for the bathroom and a little leg stretching. If you would like them homemade, use disposable plastic boxes with tight covers. Also, include drinking water on your list.
  • Cash, cards, license, and important documents – For emergency cases, cash or cash cards could be the most important resources you will have. And for sure, you will find interesting stuff to buy along the way or you might consider a stopover in a fine resort. And of course, your driver’s license (and your wife’s) and other important documents must be with you, or in the car, before hitting the road.
  • Extra clothing and gears – You and your kids might like to drop by, laze around in a beautiful and warm beach, and maybe take a dip. Consider few possibilities and options where you can maximize and fully enjoy this long drive, and with appropriate clothing and gears in mind.
  • Phones and entertainment gadgets – Bringing your phones is definitely advised when on a long drive. This is important if you would need assistance when having troubles along the way and make sure you have the emergency numbers in your contact list. Also, the trip would be more fun and exciting when everyone is entertained. Probably, the children could play games over the iPad, or you can take pictures with your digital camera. Why not bring your handheld home theater system so that you can play your entire playlist while on the road? Surely with yourbest wireless speaker system, the trip will be more relaxing and a lot comfortable.
  • Spare tire and tool kit – These should be considered the “must-bring” for you will never know when to get a flat tire. You have to be prepared. This is a long drive so the possibility is fat. Make sure to have a spare tire just in case the unexpected would happen. And, don’t forget to check your safety kit to make sure all the necessary tools you may need are ready.

The aforementioned insights or tips do not guarantee absolute safety and successful travel. Safe and defensive driving and observing and following rules of the road do. Take frequent rest breaks and always ensure that everyone is comfortable. A long drive is fun, exciting and a good way to bond and strengthen family relationship. Make it adventure-filled and unforgettable!

Brandon Peters is an entrepreneur, writer and a travel, gadgets, health, and outdoors enthusiast. He loves sharing his insights, knowledge and experience in different fields. You can follow him through Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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