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In this fast growing digital world, video games are getting more and more popular. However, it has been found that video games have more negative effects on children. Researchers also showed that playing video games affects family bonding.

Board games are evergreen and rule the world forever. Board games have the power to boost a slew of skills which help children to do better in school. Nowadays, there is a tremendous growing popularity and interest in classic board games.

History of Board Games
Board games have existed since the very early days of human civilization. At that time, these games were played just for fun. The oldest board game found to date is the Royal Game of Ur, discovered in royal tombs- dating back to more than 2500 B.C.E. It is believed that about 3500 BC, Egyptians used to play Senet, the game of passing. At that time, Iranians started playing an ancient version of Backgammon. There are also many other board games popular in ancient and modern times. Some of them are:

  • Tafl
  • The Landlord’s game
  • Vaikuntapaali
  • Nine Men’s Morris
  • The Mansion of Happiness
  • Mancala
  • Chaupat
  • Chaturanga

Resurgence of Board Games
Early on, board games were designed to educate and to teach religious values. Nowadays, they are designed by more focusing on success and entertainment. Board games are experiencing new popularity. There are many people who still enjoy these games and they gaining more and more popularity. This is because these games offer the opportunity to play with your family and friends on a rainy day, provide great bonding time etc.

Great Benefits you get
Researchers have found that children who play board games can achieve outstanding math skills. Even child psychologists have stated that they can have great impact on the child’s development. There are several benefits of playing board games which include various aspects of child development.

When you consider the game Scrabble, it requires children to use their critical thinking skills in order to win. Games like Upwords and Balderdash help kids to improve their spelling and as well their vocabulary. Children can learn social skills which help them to be aware of others and learn themselves how to interact. The game of puzzles help children to improve their problem solving skills. Also, these games create a competition of spirit and creativity and also skill enabling in order to share your knowledge of different subjects.

Author Bio:- Christie Benson is an expert game developer working in the most reputed organization. He has successfully completed nearly ten projects and also won the best game developer award recently. Apart from his profession, he is a writer, who has written many articles on games such as cribbage board, Angry Birds, Super Mario, and chess.

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