Youth Gone Wild – How to Stay Out of Trouble in Your Youth

As you get older, you will notice that time goes by faster. That is why it is important for you to enjoy yourself while you are young. Many young people get in trouble trying to have fun, but there are several things that you can do to stay out of trouble while having fun. Below are some tips that will keep you out of trouble:

Watch The Company That You Keep

You have probably heard the old sayings, “Birds of the same feather flock together” and “You are the company you keep.” The people you hang around will either have a positive or negative effect on you, so it is important to choose your friends wisely. Many people have gotten into trouble simply for hanging out with the wrong crowd.

Watch Where You Go

Not only will you need to watch your company, but you will also need to watch the places that you go. You do not want to be hanging out on the streets late at night because you could potentially get yourself into trouble. You also want to avoid going to wild parties.

Avoid Using Drugs And Alcohol

You are much more likely to do something that you will regret while you are under the influence of drugs and alcohol. That is why drug and alcohol use should be avoided. Additionally, you should not allow someone to drive you home after they have been drinking or using drugs. Many people have had to hire a defense lawyer for criminal charges from after they were caught driving under the influence.

Stay Close To Your Parents

If you are like a lot of teens, then you probably feel like your parents are your worst enemies at times. However, you should strive to maintain a close relationship with them. Studies have shown that teens who are close to their parents are less likely to use drugs, drink, skip school or have sex. You should also let your parents know who you are hanging out with and where you are going. Even though you may not always feel it, your parents love you, and they want to keep you safe.

A mistake that you make during your adolescent years could ruin the rest of your life. Fortunately, you can keep yourself out of trouble by watching the company you keep and the places you go. You should also avoid the use of drugs and alcohol and stay close to your parents.

April Labarron, the author of this articleApril Labarron is a native of Southern California. She has her BA in English/Literature from MSJC in Menifee, Ca. She views her freelance writing, not only as a career, but as her passion. Other areas of interest include; movies, food, singing, soccer, traveling, shopping and a continuous desire for learning. She lives on her own and is accompanied by her Pomeranian named, Elvis. She currently resides in Temecula, CA.

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4 Responses to “Youth Gone Wild – How to Stay Out of Trouble in Your Youth”

  1. Leena says:

    It is really quite sensitive. I always have to fight with my young sister. Because of her attitude and lifestyle, I don’t know what would be the right thing to tackle with her. She has some new friends who are not at all good, most of them smoke, behave rudely etc. Despite of my earnest alert, she contacts with them. I don’t know that, what should I do? Should I spy on her? It is impossible for me as I am not smart enough to handle it. It would be great for me if you can guide us, thanking you in anticipation.

    • Amy LeForge says:


      I have always taught my boys that the only person I can truly control is myself. I cannot control them; only they can do that.

      I can do my best to influence and encourage them, and I can push things by using consequences. But ultimately, I don’t have any actual control over them.

      The same is true with your sister. You cannot control her. Chances are if you tried, she’d pull away even further and continue to make the same choices.

      If it were me, I’d start by praying for her, that she gets on the right path. Then I’d do my best to be loving and kind, and tell her that she’s important to me. I would be clear that I don’t approve of her friends or her choices, but I would do it in as gentle and calm and emotion-free way as I could. As soon as emotion enters the situation, people lose rationality. So try not to have any strong emotions when you talk about these issues. I usually try to detach how I feel from what I’m saying, and the boys have shown that they like that much more. They can take criticism from me if I’m not angry, and they can take it as something to think about carefully. If I get upset, they feel like I’m attacking and all listening ends.

      I hope your sister makes it through this phase and gets back on track with life. Who knows? Maybe she’ll end up influencing her new friends for the good. It happens that way sometimes.

  2. April Labarron says:


    It is a hard issue. Especially when you see those close to you going down paths that you are certain are troubling. I have found that aside from all the self-help/step programs, the best thing you could ever do is love your sister. Support her in the things she’s doing RIGHT. And, when given the chance, share your loving and concerned opinions of the things she’s doing to hurt herself. With that said, don’t point out things she’s doing wrong, without also given helpful ways of correcting those things. Constructive criticism is never constructive if you do not offer an accompanying remedy for the issues at hand. 🙂

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