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Heroes, did you know 1 in 12 people suffer from asthma in the U.S., and the numbers are increasing every year?  The costs in lost work and medical treatments can be staggering. The Will Rogers Institute has created a public service announcement about asthma awareness that you may appreciate. In addition, they’re offering a free booklet with information about the danger signs and health risks as well as management practices.

Asthma has been identified as one of the country’s most common and costly illnesses, costing the US about $56 billion in medical costs, lost school and work days! Because of these statistics, The Will Rogers Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the public on topics of health and fitness, has  teamed up with Emmy® Award winning actor Bryan Cranston to release a public service announcement that highlights the danger signs and health risks associated with asthma. In the announcement, Cranston emphasizes the importance of proper diagnosis and treatment.

I remember a classmate with debilitating asthma when I was young. The fear that one would suffer when not being able to breathe has to be traumatic. If you, your kid, or someone else you know has breathing problems, getting a good diagnosis and treatment can make a world of difference.

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