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It’s getting close to that time of year and Santa has already started writing his naughty or nice list, what group do you fit into? For those that are super prepared you may have already started buying Christmas gifts throughout the year, but for the rest of us – we’ve left it to the last minute and frantically racking our brains for ideas that won’t cost us an arm and a leg. I certainly know which category I fall under!

It doesn’t have to be hard though, or be a frantic battle with the shops when there are lines going out the door and around the corner. We look at a few Christmas gift ideas that may just save you for another year, or two.

Stocking Stuffers
This is a fun one for those really last minute people and can be as inexpensive as you need to make it. There is no better feeling than waking up on Christmas morning and feeling like an excited child all over again – unfortunately that novelty seems to wear off over time, especially when you don’t have younger siblings or children of your own.

Bring the Christmas spirit back a little with a Christmas stocking or a giant Santa’s sack, and then fill them up with tailored gifts depending on the individual. It puts a spin on the whole opening presents idea and gives you the freedom to be creative and buy lots of little things as opposed to the one gift.  Hang it up by the fire place or near the Christmas tree for the full spirit effect!

Christmas Hampers
For a more corporate gift or for those you don’t know as well, a Christmas hamper is a great idea and can be conveniently ordered online to save you the hassle of hunting through shops. Hampers can be personalised or have specific theme such as food and alcohol, something they can use like pamper or beach packs, or even be fun and creative.

A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words
Photo collages are a great idea, especially for those people that “have everything” or are hard to buy for. You can be creative and make your own, or have a nice photo that would be meaningful to the person printed on a canvas. Photo frames are a good idea too and something that can always find a use.

Get Your Craft On
If you prefer a more personal approach to your gifts, making something from crafts or recycled products is super fun and something you know they will keep (or eat!). Pamper packs with sugar scrubs made from essential oils are really easy to do, or for the music lovers recycle old vinyls to make into a photo frame, bed side table or notebook.

For those better in the kitchen, considering baking some Christmas delights and putting them in a funky Christmas tin.  Anything from a basic chocolate muffin dressed up with an upside –down strawberry and white icing to look like a Santa hat, to pudding or brownies will work a treat!

The Value of an Experience
Sometimes the best gifts are the experiences you share together. You can be as adventurous as you want! Organise a surprise outing to their favourite place, concert or sporting tickets, or just something simple that is personal to the both of you.

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