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A divorce does not have to mean that you stop being parents to your child. You can work with the other parent in making sure the responsibilities of raising the child are taken care of to the best of both of your abilities.

Make a Schedule

Whether you go through the court system or you make a plan yourselves, you need to have a visitation schedule. If one parent wants the child on the weekends and the other during the week, then this needs to be written down. You also need to make a plan for holidays. Many parents alternate holidays as well as weekends in order for both parents to spend time with the child equally. If there are special events like school plays, then both parents can attend, but both parents do not have to sit together.

Determine Finances

The financial responsibility of raising the child will be there at least until the child is 18. If the child lives with one parent on a full-time basis, then that parent should provide most of the care. The other parent should also help support the child through either child support ordered by the court or an agreement between the parents. If you do not communicate well with the other parent, then you might want to go through the court system so that the judge can decide how much support should be paid. A Mullins lawyer can help in determining a support obligation.

Don’t Fight

Regardless of whether you get along with your ex-spouse or not, you should not fight in front of the child. Your child needs to see that the divorce is alright and what was best for the family. If the child sees you fighting, then the child might perceive this as being something normal for parents to do after a divorce.

Spend Time with the Child

Try to spend as much time as possible with the child. Reassure the child that the divorce had nothing to do with him or her. Keep in mind that the child might be confused about going to two different houses and possibly not seeing the same family and friends on a regular basis. Take the child to the park or play games at home. This is a time when the child needs to feel loved.

A divorce can get messy, but it does not have to affect the way you treat your child. Leave your personal problems behind when you are with your child so that you make the most of the time you have together.