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Earning a driver’s license is a significant milestone for a teenager that offers them the opportunity to move one step closer to independence. While every teenager is eager to get behind the wheel and start driving, there are a few things they should know before they are handed a set of keys. Here are five important lessons that every teen driver needs to learn before they begin driving on public roads.

Vehicle Safety Features

Although every teenager should be accustomed to wearing seat belts, there are other important safety features they should be able to identify on a vehicle. Every new driver should carefully look over the owner’s manual of the vehicle they will be driving to learn where these features are located. Knowing how to quickly turn on emergency flashers or where the high-beam switch is located can help prevent an accident.

Basic Roadside Repairs

A teen driver may not be able to complete a major engine overhaul; however, knowing how to change a tire is essential for anyone who will be driving. Additionally, every driver should know how to do some routine maintenance checks such as making sure their fluid levels are correct.

How to Handle an Accident

At some point, most drivers will be involved in an accident, even if it is not their fault. Therefore, teens should be taught how to handle an accident in a way that ensures safety and complies with the law. While discussing the procedure for handling an accident, also be sure to check out car insurance quotes for Pennsylvania that will make sure a teen driver is covered and in compliance with the law.

Defensive Driving Techniques

Handling hazardous road conditions is another important less that every teen driver should learn. Although they may not be able to practice it, learning the steps to take when hydroplaning or driving in thick snow can provide them with confidence and protect them from accidents.

Dangers of Distractions

It is important for teen drivers to stay focused on what is happening around them when learning how to drive. For this reason, they should be taught to turn off cell phones, radios and to limit the number of passengers in their car. This way, they can maintain their focus on the road until they gain more experience.

Making sure that a teenager is fully prepared to handle a vehicle is essential for keeping them safe on the road. Before driving, teens should know how to inspect their car for safety features and understand how to prevent and handle an accident. With these lessons in mind, they will be ready to take over the keys while maintaining safety on public roads.

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