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If you’ve been blessed with sons, you know that they grow like weeds. In a blink, they’ll sprout up, their voices change, and they’ll be on the brink of manhood. As you think back to your wonder years, you’re sure to have plenty of suggestions to help your boys as they navigate the storms of life, the ups and downs, the challenges that lie ahead. Be sure to teach them these five timeless pieces of advice that will carry them toward a bright future.

Be Patient

Your boys are going to want everything and they’ll want it now. Teach them the virtue of patience. Adulthood, driving a car, the right to vote, getting a job, and moving out will come soon enough. Until then, your sons need to appreciate the gift of their youth.

Be Grateful

Regardless of your situation in life, you have been handed many blessings. The same holds true for your boys. Teach them to truly appreciate everything that they have. One of the best ways your children can show their gratitude is by performing a service for others who are less fortunate. No one should take anything for granted.

Learn a Strong Work Ethic

Your sons need to learn that nothing will simply be handed to them in life. They can’t expect everything to fall into their laps. If something is important to them, they should be willing to work for it. They will find that the things that do not come easily are the ones that matter the most.

Take Care of Your Body

It is important to take care of yourself from a young age. That means eating healthy choices, staying active, and having good hygiene. As your boys hit puberty, shaving will be a rite of passage that you will share with them. You can help out by getting them The Art of Shaving pre-shave oil to ensure they get a closer, less painful shave. Help them to avoid a face covered in nicks and bloodied tissues!

Go for it!

Make sure your boys aim high in life, and they will rise to the level of expectation. They need to set their sights on the future and go for it, pulling out all the stops.

Your sons are a great joy, and are bound to give you some sleepless nights as well. Act as a guide to ease their path and know you did your best.