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It would seem that the world can be split roughly in half with regard to Black Friday. There are those who love the day, and those that hate it.

In which camp are you?

I personally love it. Understand, though, that I love it with some caveats. You have to approach it as a game, and keep in mind that NONE of this matters. It’s just for fun, and not for stuff.

Well. A little bit about stuff. I always pick up great deals on socks for the family, and our local grocery store usually has an amazing deal on cashews. Yummmmm.

Also? Always remember to avoid pushing a cart if you can, travel light, and bob and weave.

Bob and weave.

Anyhow. I thought you’d enjoy the following infographic on Black Friday. Some of it really surprised me!

Black Friday
Source: Accounting-Degree.org