Online Education Continues to Grow Globally

Heroes, I have rather an extensive background in computer technology. My father taught programming and computer applications for over 40 years at a local community college. After I was out of high school, my mother got her degree and joined him, teaching in her own classrooms on the same campus. My brother has dual degrees in computer programming and economics, and I married a software developer. Then there’s the time I’ve spent online writing and marketing.

Like I said, extensive.

I was surprised though, to learn that online education globally has just been exploding with opportunity. It turns out that top UK universities actually began offering free online courses to anyone on the globe this past fall. Pretty neat, eh?

Global Online Education

Earnest Parenting: help for parents who are considering online education.

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  1. Ashley says:

    I feel really glad to read the blog with attractive info graphic this speaks much than text. Online education is really gaining a global attention. I have noticed in a news about the survey that about 60% children in the country are opting the online education because of many reasons and they find it is the right path to gain the education or the degree.

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