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Editor’s note: ingenie, the company referred to in the video is an insurance provider licensed in England and Wales. Even though they aren’t available to us in other countries (sob), what they have to teach teens about tire safety is important. The laws referenced are also specific to UK drivers, but the safety precautions are universal. Please share the video with your teen. It’s short, interesting, and very informative.

Driving is a big responsibility, and with more and more young drivers on the road today, the need to drive safe, and be aware is crucial! Most young drivers don’t think about the possible dangers that could occur, while they drive – one of the most dangerous daily activities that most of us do each and every day. Ensuring that your children know the dangers of driving is so important, the more that they know, theĀ  better prepared they will be to try to avert danger! Companies such as http://www.ingenie.com aim to aid young drivers in any way that they can, be that with their insurance, or within their advice. They have recently featured a video hosted by Tyger Drew-Honey, which explains the possible dangers that could occur if your tyres are not maintained correctly – something many young driver don’t think to check regularly. Take a look at the video, and make sure you and your children know the dangerous of driving, that they stay protected.