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Getting your kids interested in science and how the world around them works can be a challenging feat for parents, given the near limitless amounts of entertainment and distractions vying for your kid’s attentions. Getting them off their video games or television cartoons may be tricky but once you’ve successfully cultivated a love for learning and science, you’re potentially opening the door to a lifetime of discovery and wonder for your little ones.

Famed Australian scientist and media personality Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki’s new title, Game of Knowns looks to be a fantastic addition to the library of the parent looking to instill a love of learning and science in their kids.

Dr. Karl is a regular science commentator on Australian radio station Triple J, where he takes calls and questions from listeners eager for a scientific explanation to everyday phenomenon such as why mountains look blue in the distance or what happens to fish when lightning hits water.

His down to earth, fun and entertaining approach to tackling scientific issues has attracted fans from every facet of society, inspiring both the young and old to think, question and ponder about the very universe that we live in.

Don’t be put off by the book’s cover or cheeky title that is a play on the popular television series Game of Thrones – the book is packed with fascinating bits of information, explained in Dr. Karl’s trademark candid approach to learning which is suitable for kids as well as adults.

Expect to be entertained by amusing facts like why psychopaths can turn into good rulers, how technology is ruining conversations and why the left side of our face is more attractive in addition to snippets about comets, the magic of hoverboards and why dark matter matters.

Game of Knowns is the perfect companion for parents looking to entertain their kids with contemporary scientific facts in a fun and candid way. Don’t be surprised to find yourself wanting to find out more about some of the more fascinating parts of our physical world as you embark on a quest to learn about the universe.

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