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Windows can make a big difference in the look and style of a home, as well as reduce energy costs and just make the whole family feel good when they’re updated and stylish. There are many ways to update windows for winter, to not only save on energy bills but change the look of your home. The following 5 tips are great ways to get your windows ready for winter.

Put in Storm Windows

If they aren’t already installed year round, now is the time to put in storm windows. Storm windows will stop leaks which can occur with snow, rain, or ice. After removing the screens just clean the tracks and install the new windows. Make sure to use double or triple panes.

Install Shutters

Installing shutters and window coverings are one of the best ways to save on energy bills while at the same time stylishly decorating your windows. Shutters come in a wide variety of colors and styles and look good in every room in the house. Exterior shutters may offer even better insulation than those on the inside. Exterior shutters also dramatically change the look of the home.

Add New Drapes

If most of your curtains are made of thin or transparent material it’s probably time to update them for winter. Thick draperies not only make a house look warmer in the winter but actually act as a barrier to keep cold air out. Thermal draperies are a good choice. Make sure to keep the drapes closed at night to help keep heat inside the home.

Seal and Calk

Stand in front of a window on a windy day and it doesn’t take long to figure out where there are any leaks. Spring action weatherstripping is the best type to put in. Foam weatherstripping will also work but usually doesn’t last quite as long. Caulk can be used to seal cracks and most kinds can be applied both inside and outside the window.

Replace Window Frames

Window frames that are cracked or starting to rot don’t just look bad but will allow cold air to more easily get inside. Oftentimes dry rot occurs on the outside of wooden frames. Depending on the extent of damage it’s sometimes possible to repair frames without replacing the entire window.

Following just a few easy changes and quick fixes will make a big difference this winter. It will not only save on energy costs but will gave your home a new look.

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