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Now, most parents want to give their kids plenty of gifts and expensive toys. While this is a short-term way to please a child, it is not a wise thing for a parent to do too often. In fact, when teaching children about modesty, a parent will enjoy multiple benefits. Here are four reasons why a mom and dad should teach their children about modesty.

To achieve happiness, many think they can do so by running out and buying the newest technology items or expensive clothing. This is simply not true as happiness comes from within. A daughter who wears modest clothes will appreciate the little things and will not concentrate on looking like a walking advertisement for large corporations. Without a doubt, when looking for happiness, one should search from within and not spend thousands of dollars on useless junk.

It is not cheap to run out and buy a new toy every month or two. This cost, over the years, will add up and cause a parent to spend too much money. This will make it more difficult for a parent to retire in comfort and live a nice life. Instead, when dealing with children, one should give their kids simple gifts or take them on a nice road trip. Remember, it is not cheap to live as a consumerist.

Plenty of people, young and old, realize that rampant consumerism is not good for the environment. When a child learns this from a young age, he or she is unlikely to get sucked in by advertising. As more people do this, people will stop spending too much money and running out and buying the newest and greatest things. Without a doubt, over time, this will help us all enjoy a better and more sustainable way of life.

Growth as a person
Often, a person will live an expensive and fast life hoping to learn more about the world and grow. However, this will cause the opposite results and a person should try to live a life of modesty. In fact, monks and other religious figures have done this for thousands of years and found happiness. Simply put, when a parent encourages his or her child to remain modest, they will grow as a person faster and with better results.

Modesty is a great thing for people to practice. When doing so, a child will avoid getting sucked in to problems and can live a happy life.

Tricia is a mom and a blogger from Beverly Hills. If you’re looking for modest clothing, she recommends Sister Missionary clothes.

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