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Raising your first child can be quite the journey. There are sure to be some mistakes you’ll make and surprises you don’t account for. However, being prepared is a great way to be ready for some of those encounters you may experience, especially when it comes to something like potty training. Here are four tips for new parents who are potty training their first child.

Transition Smoothly

Keep in mind that transitioning from training pants to using the toilet on their own happens at different rates for everyone. No two children are the same and everyone learns in their own way. With that in mind, don’t force your child to learn too quickly, but instead try your best to transition smoothly away from trainers to regular underwear.

Use Bribes… Wisely

You might soon realize that you’re child is more willing to remember to use the toilet if you bribe them with something they love. However, don’t let it become something that they start to think is expected. Instead, reward good behavior within moderation and be sure that they know how proud they are of them when they use the bathroom.

Understand Mistakes Happen

You probably don’t remember what it feels like to have to learn to use the potty. After all, not many of us do and instead it seems like just an instinct. But this is a major step in a young child’s life and mistakes are bound to happen. Be sure that you accept these mistakes and don’t overreact, as that will only scare your child in a negative way. If you have a clogged toilet in Houston, for example,  understand that there is a way around you. You can contact a company like K & S Plumbers to come and fix your toilet and get things going again. Just remember to remain calm and that mistakes happen.

Make It A Game

For boys who are learning to stand up and use the potty, it can be a bit of a challenge to keep things aiming in the right way. So to work on this, turn it into a game. Put something like cereal or other easily broken down items into the toilet and tell your son that the goal is to hit them. Not only will it distract your child from the actual act of peeing, but it’ll also teach them to keep it aimed at the toilet.

Training your child to be potty trained is just one of the joys of parenthood. And while it is certain to be a difficult task, the tips on this list will help you better accommodate to the situation and make it easier for the child to learn.

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