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It can be difficult to find the perfect gift for your husband, especially if he has a particular taste or doesn’t necessarily need any new toys. However, there are still several items that you can get him that he’ll be sure to need and appreciate for a gift that will certainly be useful.


A watch is a sophisticated and classy accessory that can dress up any outfit your husband wears in the coming year. He may already have a number of watches, but there are always new styles and designs available to keep up with the current trends. It makes for an item he likely wouldn’t buy for himself.

Pick a watch that is casual enough to wear around the house every day, but can also look professional enough to wear to the office for a versatile accessory that will dress up his wardrobe.

A New Razor Set

Help your man upgrade his shaving tools with a professional razor set that beats his disposable tools that he may currently be using. Opt for a kit for a variety of options that include professional blades, badger black brushes, after-shave balm, pre-shave oil, and even shaving cream for a complete set that is available in a variety of manly scents.

Money Clip

A money clip is a masculine gift to give that will help your husband keep his money organized without resorting to a bulky wallet. The money clip can either be made in silver, gold, or black with engraved initials and a special date on the item. It will make for a personalized gift that is unique to his personality and comes with plenty of sentiment.

Activity Wristband

For the health-conscious husband who enjoys tracking his fitness progress and setting new goals, an activity wristband will work to record the amount of calories that he burns each day, as well as monitor his heart rate. It will even work to track his sleep cycles, steps, and distance traveled for a great tool that is easy and comfortable to wear. Most activity wristbands offer a trendy look that doesn’t look feminine for a great product that he can use long-term for a healthier new year.

Whether upgrading your husband’s shaving tools or treating him to a new watch, he’ll be sure to enjoy the gift that you give mainly because it will come with plenty of sentiment and thought. You’ll be able to relax knowing that he can use the quality product in the coming year for overall well-being.

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