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There are a variety of different skin conditions that can impact infants. The reason why the infants are more prone to rashes and skin problems is because after birth the skin takes a year to fully develop; in the meantime, the skin is susceptible to a variety of problems. While they may seem bad, most of them are relatively harmless and can be easily treated with the right remedies.

During this one year process, the infant’s skin is extremely sensitive, thin and unable to properly regulate temperatures. Because of this, the infant’s skin has a very hard time protecting itself from the large variety of bacteria, fungi, allergens and ultraviolet light it regularly encounters. In order to treat these conditions, learn about the five primary skin problems that afflict infants and natural remedies for each.

#5 Miliaria
Miliaria, not to be confused with the deadly malaria, is a minor skin condition that results from an infant’s high skin temperature. Because of this, miliaria is commonly referred to as the “Prickly Heat.” The primary symptoms of miliaria are small, red bumps. This condition typically goes away in a very short amount of time, given the infant is placed in a cool environment. However, to help with some of the itching and irritation, aloe vera can be extremely effective.

#4 Seborrhea
While seborrhea can look pretty strange, it is not harmful for one’s baby. Sebborhea can be found on the scalp, neck, chest, or around the eyebrows and behind ears. This condition is easy to recognize as it looks very similar to dandruff, however, in some cases it can turn flaky, crusty and yellow. The best natural way to treat this condition is to use olive oil. By applying a moderate amount of olive oil to the skin, one can both moisturize the skin and gently rub off the unappealing flakes.

#3 Eczema
Unlike eczema in adults, eczema in infants is very common. This condition is recognizable by its characteristic red, rough, dry splotches, which can be found in a variety of areas in the body. The reason eczema is thought to occur in infants is due to their difficulty in producing ceramides, the fatty barrier that protects skin and ensures healthy moisture levels. Because of this, the infant’s skin can dry out quickly.

The best natural and healthy treatment for eczema in infants is called H-Eczema and can be found at http://www.amoils.com/eczema.html. This homeopathic remedy is extremely effective at reducing the symptoms of eczema and is very gentle on the infant’s skin.

#2 Contact Dermatitis
Because the skin of an infant is extremely sensitive, nearly anything that they come in contact with can become the source of skin condition. The most common culprits of contact dermatitis are plants, soaps and laundry detergents. The best way to treat this condition is to find out what is causing the rash and eliminating it quickly. However, in the mean-time it is a good idea to use a natural moisturizer on the affected area.

#1 Intertrigo
This common skin condition is found around the fat folds on a baby, especially the neck. The reason it occurs is because of moisture and friction on the infant’s sensitive skin. While this condition often goes away once a baby becomes mobile, it can be effectively treated with a natural diaper rash formula for infants.

While some of these conditions can be irritating to a baby, all of them can be easily treated by a powerful natural remedy. However, remember, the best cure for all of these rashes and skin conditions is time.

As we age, we all experience skin changes like wrinkles and spots. It’s natural to be interested in products that can help solve those problems, however not every product is safe or wise to use. Check out this discussion on skin care that has very helpful information about guarding your skin.