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Having a family is truly a blessing to anyone and raising a child or children is full of surprises. If you are not yet a parent or about to be one, you have to be ready emotionally, physically, and psychologically as you get to have a little angel in your life. Having a baby for the first time will bring so much joy in your household. Every parent has different views about raising a kid and honestly speaking there’s no particular book, parenting guide, or parent’s advice from your friends that can teach you how to become a responsible parent to your child.

Parenting is not only how to become a parent to your kid. But it is about dealing unexpected or inevitable things that happens to the life of your kids as they grow up. Kids grew up very fast; before you know it you are already sending them off to college. It is not easy to become a parent and not everyone succeeds in becoming a good one. It is tough but it is the most fulfilling experience that a person can have. You can’t become the best parent by just reading parenting guides and books, you have to learn on your own experience and understand the following truths about parenting.

Parenting changes you
Parenting will surely change you as a person but it depends on how you are going to treat such big responsibility really well. Parenting can be good for you or can be worse too. Seeing how your kids grew up and your relationship to your spouse, you will realize how becoming a parent has change your perspective in life. Most parents became wiser, protective, and idealistic when it comes to their kids. All your values, habits, and views will surely realigned to only one focus and that is your family.

To be a better parent, you have to focus on your family
Some parents think that as long as they can provide for the needs of the family they are already considered as good parents. Money and material things are nothing compare to the quality time that you spend to your kids. They easily forget how many toys you bought for them, they no longer remember how much money you have invested for them, they don’t care with what you do in your work, what they only want is a piece of time where you can play and create good memories with them. If you are a parent, you have to keep in mind that family should always comes first.

Your kids are not your property
As parents, it is your responsibility to teach them good values, educate them how to behave, and it is your duty to shape their morals. You should create a loving, caring, and supportive atmosphere for them and not only instilling fear by telling them how they should respect you. Stop imposing rules on your children but instead talk to them in a good manner. Show them how to communicate well so that if they have problems they can easily come to you and ask for your advice. Do not use your kids as an investment for your future. They can make their own future so don’t dictate them on what they should do. Let them learn on their own way and just be there to be their guide in making decisions in life.

Some people say that parenting is truly a good teacher. It teaches you how to value life more. It teaches you how to become sacrificial. It teaches you how to love unconditionally and most of all it teaches you how to be a better person for your kids or family.

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