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For some parents, the coming of summer is something they dread. Trying to figure out a way to keep the kids from forgetting what they just learned, and risking them getting behind is a common fear. So, what can you as a parent to do help them stay ahead of the learning curve? Here are some tips to keep your kids on track, and keeping them learning.

Maintain a Daily Study Routine

First, it is important to keep a consistent daily routine of studying for your kids. It’s important for kids to remember during school breaks, summer time, and even on weekends that learning should not stop. Instilling in your kids the love of learning is something parents should model; as they are responsible for being the example for their kids.

Trips to the Library

Consider making weekly visits to the library to have the kids check out books to read. Not only should kids check out books, but parents can take home books as well. Allow kids to choose books they want, on any topic, as well as books that meet their top reading level. Set a designated time every day that you can sit down with the kids and have everyone read their book for a few minutes. When the kids are done, spend some time discussing what they read, what they liked best, what they didn’t like and what they think will happen next.

Teaching Basic Skills

Every day you should work with your children on their basic school skills like grammar and math. Obviously, these skills differ according to your child’s age, grade, and ability. Spend plenty of time early in the summer working on the skills your child had trouble with during the previous school year. As time progresses, and if the child appears academically ready, begin previewing the skills they will learn in the next year of school.

Invest in Tutoring or Education Advocates

As students move into upper elementary school, middle, and high school, the subjects get increasingly difficult. Some parents find it hard to teach these subjects to their children. If this is the case, it’s a great idea to invest in a tutor, or use special education advocates to help. Some people have the misconception that all tutoring is expensive, but you can find plenty of places to go that are reasonably priced. Check with your child’s school for a list of tutors and advocates in the area who offer tutoring lessons to help your child stay ahead of the game.

For many children, school time, as well as time away from school can be difficult. By carefully planning and revolving your child’s life around learning, you can keep your children from getting behind, and hopefully, you can get them ahead and prepared for the next year.

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