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Anyone who owns a home, or even rents an apartment, envisions improving their dwelling place to make it more accommodating to their particular likes and dislikes. However, when you’re busy with kids, getting those improvements done can be time-consuming and costly. Our article below covers five home improvement projects that even a busy Mom can undertake with minimal expense. If you include the children in the family, some of them are doable even on a weekend and can be converted into a educational experience for the kids.

Oiling The Hinges

There is hardly a home, business or apartment that doesn’t need the hinges on the door oiled from time to time. With a small can of lubricant or oil, give each child a can and have them go around the house oiling the hinges, door knobs and key holes in the house. Be certain to give them a paper towel and have them wipe any residue from dripping down the doors.

Upgrading The Bathroom

Easily one of the two most used and neglected rooms in a house beside the kitchen, giving the bathroom an upgrade goes a long way to lift spirits and make the home more attractive to daily users and visitors as well.

By simply replacing the handles on a bathroom vanity or faucet with a screwdriver, the entire ambiance of the room begins its transformation. The whole process takes less than five minutes at most. Buying complementary shower curtains and bathroom towels also aid in providing a new aura to this room.

Painting A Room

Easily the least expensive project to undertake, buying discount paint from a home improvement store and assigning a “piece of wall” to youngsters helps train the little ones for future home improvement jobs.

Teach them how to mix paints, hold a brush and paint without dripping all over the floor. It will pay dividends to both parents and the children in the future.

Use Planters And Plants As Window Treatments

Have a boring window or window area? Then add both charm and character by selecting attractive planters with easily to maintain plants.

Be sure to get more bang for your buck and health as well by selecting herbs like rosemary, parsley or dill to refresh your window sills. It’ll be fun for the family to watch them grow and then harvest for nutritious, tasty meals.

Iron Works

Another noteworthy project requires a custom gates Fort Worth specialist to actually do. However, adding wrought iron gates or a small section of a gate, helps accent a garden locality in a charming manner while still giving a sense of privacy to a garden area.

Most of these projects are not time consuming; enlist the participation of children in the family; and can be done with little to no help. These are only a few of literally hundreds of projects to help Mom improve her surrounding living space and lifestyle in general.

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