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The World Wide Web has got every single piece of information a person could want; teens can search for all different types of information. It also creates a chance to visit sexual or adult websites for the teenagers which is harmful for them. Different services of the internet like chat rooms and instant messaging services have made it easy for predators to have contact with teens through the internet. Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices are very popular among the teenagers because they communicate with known and unknown persons through the phones.

The present scenario is very alarming for the future! The Pew Research Center has surveyed over 800 parents & teenagers and found that 93 percent teenagers have got internet access. Besides 74 percent teenagers use internet via their cell phones or other mobile devices where 47 percent have got the smartphones and 44 percent of them are aged between 14 to 17 years. The survey also found that about 37 percent teenagers of the United States who are 12 to 17 years of age are using the internet.

Now the question is how the teenagers are using this technology. The answer is a little creepy.

Based on the survey of Garry Tan, teenagers love to use Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, Facebook, etc. using the internet via their smartphones. Simply put, almost double numbers of teens use Instagram than adults. Roughly 13 percent of teens are using Snapchat while only 4 percent adults use the service. So it proves that the teenagers love to share their photos, chatting, video chatting, voice calls through the internet.

But most of the time they do not know the people they’re communicating with and that it is not safe for them. They may face problems for such activities. “Sexting” is becoming popular among the teenagers. Teenagers send their nude or semi-nude pictures over their cell phone. Through this they are involving themselves with crime. Teenagers’ pornography is the burning concern in modern world and teenagers are being arrested for sexting pictures. Innocent teenagers became trapped for their nude pictures because it is pornography.

So it is high time for parents to keep their teenagers safe and ensure proper monitoring about the teens’ social activities using internet. Many parents do not have any idea about what their teenagers are doing through the smartphones. Mobile spying is a simple way to monitor such sexting activities for the parents.

mSpy is the best spying app for the parents. Just install the mSpy on the targeted phone and enjoy its unique features. Parents will get incoming and outgoing call log with real time, date and duration. You can also record any call. Besides parents will get all SMS or MMS even if user delete them. mSpy will provide them with the chatting history too. Moreover, parents will get full access over the contact numbers, images, multimedia files, videos stored in the tracked phone. If parents need to block any app, website or contact then just use the block feature of mSpy.

Teenagers are the future of a nation, so to ensure the better future of the nation, keep the teenagers safe and let them have a better future!

Katrin is currently working as a marketing manager at a company developing  mSpy spy app. It helps track children smartphone activity and find stolen or lost phones, that’s why her sights of interest focus on cell phone security and mobile technologies which help people.

Editor’s note: there are at least 2 schools of thought about putting spying apps on kids’ phones. Some say that it’s an excellent way to keep kids safe. Others believe that teens who discover the spying will feel violated and stop trusting their parents. Make your own best decision based on your relationship with your child.