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Tablets are everywhere and quickly growing in popularity amongst the younger generation. The i-Generation is in full force but does not have to be a bad influence on children. There are many different ways that parents can incorporate an iPad into a child’s mind growth.

Guided Access

Whether children should use tablets or not is a hot debate but with proper supervision and guided access, tablet use can be beneficial for a child’s learning. In an iPad’s settings there is a setting called Guided Access. From this setting a parent can lock a child into a certain application and even more in depth allow or disable certain features of the application such as purchases.

Allow Interactive Ebooks

Interactive ebooks for children are a great way for young users to get use out of an iPad. Many interactive ebooks teach not only basic skills such as reading and writing but also incorporate skills such as mathematics. Interactive ebooks give children the opportunity to be involved while reading, which is great to keep the minds of younger children focused. Parents can used Guided Access to lock a child into the interactive ebook application and not have to worry about what the child is doing on the iPad.

Set Restrictions

The iPad has wonderful restrictions settings for parents. If a child is old enough to use the iPad but not quite old enough to have full access, the restrictions menu is a great option. Restrictions can be set disabling applications such as FaceTime and disabling music content that is explicit. Other restrictions can be set on things such as internet usage and downloading or buying items. Restrictions keep a child safe while using the iPad without being overly protective and locking them into one application.

Disable Multitasking

Multitasking gestures on an iPad sometimes confuse young children. If Guided Access or Restrictions are not turned on when the child is using the iPad, disabling multitasking gestures is a good idea. This ensures a child will not accidentally lose the application they were in and launch into another application. It also avoids the child mistakenly opening an application they should not be using.

It is a great debate whether or not children should have access to iPads. When children are given access to learning tools such as interactive ebooks while being properly supervised, an iPad is a great way to engage young minds.

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