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I’m working on a neat project here with my friends from TopTenReviews. We thought it would be super neat to highlight some fantastic blogs. And what better group of blogs than those written by single moms? So without further ado, here are our top ten single mom blogs of 2014. Please check out the list and visit the nominees. I know they’d love to have you, and if you find a post you like, do share it on Twitter or Facebook. Or leave a comment. All bloggers love comments. To get you started, we’ve included a top post written by each blogger.

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1. Rubber Chicken Madness

Go Confidently by Kimberly.

2. Back to Allen

The 180 Factor by Lisa

3. A Single Christian Mom’s Advice

7 Things I do to Make My Week Go Smoother by Chere

4. Pursuit of Peace

Sometimes I Wish I Wasn’t a Mom by Raine

5. Evilflu

This Relation Ship has Sailed by Nikki

6. Wonderfully Women

50 Valuable Life Lessons I am Teaching my Teenage Girls by Nikki

7. And Mommy Makes 3

On Being a Single Mom Who Was Raised by a Single Mom by Christine

8. The Pepperrific Life

The Magic of Magic Words: Teaching Kids- and Grown Ups- To Say “Please” and “Thank You by Pepper

9. Single Mom on a Budget

Single Parenting Multiple Children by Jill

10. Christina Majaski

Let Me Tell You the Snowflake Button Story by Christina

11. OMG There’s Three

5 Ways I was a Better Mother Before I had Kids by Sarah

12. Sex Lies and Bacon

Trial and Tribulations by Melysa

13. Jenny Beans

Flip/Flop It’s Not a Dog’s Life by Jenn

14. Spirited Mama

Sneaking Supercharged Food into Children by Kim

15. The Happy Hausfrau

7 Things You Totes Need To Stop Saying if You’re Over 30 (oops, there’s one of them) by Jennifer