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Children’s sunglasses are no less important than adults’. Dare we say it, they’re even more important! Since little ones tend to spend more time outside, they spend more time being exposed to UV rays. And since their eyes are more sensitive than our own, just imagine the consequences. Sure, some people think kids in sunglasses are tacky, and that that’s just something celebrities do. We disagree: kids wearing sunglasses are not only cute, but also healthy. And don’t forget to set a good example by wearing sunglasses yourself, even when it’s cloudy out. Your kids will learn from you and start doing the same.

Hoping that you’re almost convinced kids’ sunglasses are not just a fad, here are five pairs of sunglasses that are safe for them and nice at the same time:

1. Gucci sunglasses ($140) – They may not be the cheapest of the bunch, but they offer the guarantee of the Italian brand’s quality. If your daughter already show signs of being a fashionista, these are the sunglasses for her. The lenses offer 100% UV protection, the frame is light and comfortable to wear, and the design is purely trendy.

2. Julbo Bubble sunglasses ($40) – Designed for kids aged 3-5, these sunglasses are affordable and comfortable as can be. We all know toddles are not very fond of wearing things, but these might just trick them into it! They’re flexible and perfectly curved to fit their small faces, and they come in many colors from which they can choose. Remember that letting your kids choose their own frames makes it more probable that they actually wear them!

3. Ray Ban aviator sunglasses ($50) – This classic design can be rocked by kids and adults alike – think how cute it would be if you both got matching frames! Made of lightweight acetate, these sunglasses are hip, but they’re equally protective for your kid’s tiny eyes.

4. Junior Babiators sunglasses ($20) – Affordable and extra flexible, these sunnies were made for children between 6 months and 3 years old. If you register them at Babiators Lost & Found Guarantee, they’ll replace a lost or broken pair for free!

5. Ray Ban Wayfarer ($47) – Another classic style that looks good on children and their parents! The sunglasses offer full UV protection for sensitive eyes, and they’re made to last. They also come in several colors, for both girls and boys.

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