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Children love to participate in real home repairs and maintenance. Allowing them to shadow you while you do routine maintenance chores around the house will be more exciting to them than you might imagine. You’ll also help them to become more self-reliant for those times when you aren’t available and they can help to avert a family disaster.

Electrical Breaker Box

Have them locate the breaker box, find the correct breaker and flip it back on when you lose power . One great project to do together is to determine which breaker goes to what area and label it if it isn’t already labeled.

Running or Overflowing Toilet

When the toilet is plugged and starts to flow out onto the floor, it’s handy to know how to shut off the water before it creates a small flood. Have the child find the shutoff valve and turn it until it stops. You can also add a brick to the toilet tank to save water with each flush.

Fire Extinguisher and Smoke Alarms

On each change of daylight savings time, fire prevention agencies suggest that batteries in your smoke alarms are changed. Allow your child to help. In addition, older kids can learn to use a fire extinguisher properly and younger children can practice calling for help.

Change Filters in Heating and A/C Systems

When it’s time to change the filters in your heating and air conditioning system, take the kids along. They’ll learn how it’s done and the importance of good air flow through the system to save energy and keep the home air a bit cleaner.

Water Heaters

Water heaters must be drained occasionally. Let the children help with the chore and show them how minerals build up in water heaters. You could also have fun calling in an expert in water heaters in Calgary.  You could let the kids call a service such as Need-A-Plumber Canada (with your guidance of course) to help when an expert is needed.

Children love to imitate their parents. Buy them a set of their very own tools. They shouldn’t be toys, but rather miniature versions of real home improvement tools in a size that’s appropriate to their age and size. You might be surprised at how fascinated your 7-year-old will be if asked to tighten down the loose screws in the kitchen cabinets with her own set of screwdrivers. Helping to keep the house in good repair gives children a sense of pride in their home.

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