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If your household struggles with chronic or seasonal allergies caused by indoor allergens, then you understand the persistent, nagging symptoms certain allergens can cause. Runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing and breathing issues are just a few of many uncomfortable symptoms indoor allergies can cause. If you’ve had enough of allergies and are ready to make a change, read on for five ways to eliminate your family’s common indoor allergies.

Keep Mold Away

When most people think of mold, they think of the worst case scenario: visible mold growth in the walls. Mold starts on a small scale, when moisture is present. Mold spores are a common trigger for allergies and can be easily avoided with a few safe practices. Dehumidifiers can help keep the air in your home less humid; make sure there’s no standing water in your house.

Keep Animal Dander at Bay

Animal dander is another common indoor allergen. If you believe your pet is a cause of household allergies, you can try restricting your pet’s access to your bedroom. Make sure your room is clean and see if your symptoms improve. You will ultimately need to decide what’s for the best. Some people’s allergies can be controlled with medication, but that’s up to you and your healthcare provider.

Vacuum Often

Simply vacuuming your home on a regular basis can help reduce many indoor allergens, from dust to dander. Make sure to clean your vacuum on a regular basis to reduce the amount of allergens retained and expelled in your home.

Practice Pest Control

Many pests can cause indoor allergies, from cockroaches to dust mites. Once you have determined that a pest is present, you will want a professional such as Long Beach Pest Control to help you decide the course of action. For instance, pest control in Long Beach can include fumigation, but you’ll want to learn about various options relevant to your area.

Clean and Reduce Clutter

Simply try taking away the places allergens hide. For example, dusty curtains or fan blades that need to be cleaned can easily be taken care of. Removing stuffed animals, rugs and even carpet have been shown to greatly reduce the incidence of indoor allergies.

Many families struggle with indoor allergies, and fortunately the many common causes of indoor allergies can be pinpointed and eliminated with these tips. Please contact your healthcare provider if your household is having chronic allergy problems.

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