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Your kids’ bones are still growing, so establishing healthy bone habits now is essential. During these formative years, bad habits can set your kids up for problems later on. However, getting your kids to exercise and eat enough calcium, is easier said than done. Here are some tips for instilling healthy habits in your kids.

Be Involved

We live in an unhealthy culture, so unless you are actively fighting to instill healthy habits, your kids will pick up bad ones. Be aware of your child’s activity level, and the types of foods they are eating so you are aware of what you need to work on.

Make Exercise Fun

Exercise is essential for maintaining strong muscles and bones. Try to find activities that the entire family can enjoy doing together. You could try biking, swimming, hiking, dancing, or any type of sport. Whatever you choose, make sure that it is fun for everyone. And when you are trying to sell your kids on the idea, try to introduce it in positive terms. Say things like “it will be so cool for us to train for this bike race together.” and try to stay away from making it seem like a chore.

Be Positive

Instead of focusing on all the unhealthy food that your kids can’t have, emphasize the good, healthy things that they can eat. Find healthy snacks that your kids like, and praise them for making good food choices. Praise them for making small changes for the better, and try not to be too critical of them. For example, if your child is choosing chocolate milk instead of soda, he is making a step in the right direction. Don’t be too critical of the sugar content in the chocolate milk.

Introduce Supplements

Calcium is the most prevalent mineral in your body, and is essential for building strong bones. Calcium is especially crucial while your children’s bones are still developing. Because calcium is so important, it is a good idea to give your kids some kind of calcium supplements for promoting bone strength. A great choice for young children are the chewable Sunshine Heroes Calcium Plus D3 from Nature’s Sunshine.

By instilling good health habits now, you are setting your kids up for a lifetime of health. Make changes today to pass on a healthy legacy to your kids. Take time to talk with kids about their healthy habits and make goals together as a family you can all try to achieve.

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