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Cabin fever can set in pretty quickly during a cold, snowy winter. Ease the pain of being stuck in the house by bringing the outside into your house. While you more than likely will not want to open your windows and doors, there are still plenty of ways to bring the beauty and freshness of the outdoors inside. Here are five awesome ideas to get started.


Incorporating plants into your home is a win-win situation. Since plants give off oxygen, they may be the extra boost your immune system needs during these dry, cold days. Some purify the air as well to help with allergies and upper-respiratory issues. Plants can remain inside all year or can be transferred to the porch for spring and summer. There are plenty of different plants that do not require a large amount of sunlight and that will give your home a fresh feeling, though, make sure that you do research on this area before making any purchases since some plants can be toxic to children and animals.


Fresh-cut flowers add a nice vibrant punch of color to ward off the winter blues. Select a schedule for picking them up, perhaps every other Thursday when you leave work- that’s only twice a month. Sounds like a pretty simple way to boost your mood during the most depressing season, and it will also help to increase the overall look of your home, which will greatly improve the mood and feeling of guests.


As the summer sun fades into fall and winter, we lose that warm glow. Your house shouldn’t have to lose it, though. Add a few twinkle lights to spruce up a dark corner or twine them into an existing wreath or swag. A variety of lights are easy to purchase at Christmas Lights Etc. Adding white lights can add elegance and charm during the season, or accenting with red lights for holidays can be a special touch.


Bring nature into your home with the warmth of wood. It can be as simple as enjoying a nice, warm fire to heat the home and hearts of your family. Using wooden picture frames, candle holders and tissue box covers adds an earthly element to your winter d├ęcor. This is also a great opportunity to make some furniture and other things in your home, which can help to also give a very nice personal touch to the feeling of your house.


Easy to find and cheap, pinecones make great additions to an indoor winter wonderland. Grab a can of spray paint and drizzle them in silver or gold to add some sparkle to your dining room table. Paint them white to look like they’ve been dipped in the snow. Get really creative and make them come alive by creating some woodland critters with simple crafting ideas. Just be sure to let the pinecones air out a little in a plastic bag or garage so you don’t find any unwanted pests in your home. This is a cheap and creative way to bring nature into your home home when winter is in its height.

When winter throws you a snowball and keeps you stuck inside, fire back with some of these awesome ideas on bringing the outside into your home. While enjoying these earthy elements, you will find it’s spring before you know it!

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